The King Code of Governance Principles for South Africa recommends that the performance of the Board and its Committees should be evaluated regularly. In addition, GOI2 requires an annual appraisal of the Board’s performance

This questionnaire below has been developed to assist in assessing the performance of the Board. Please rate the Board’s performance by indicating next to each statement whether you “Agree”, “Disagree” on the matter.

Participants are encouraged to please comment on statements, or the performance of the Board generally. Where you disagree with a statement, especially, kindly provide a reason why you disagree with the statement

Questionnaires are kept confidential. The results of the evaluation will be collated into a report and feedback thereon will be provided to the board by the Chairman.

Members are invited to give their comments on anything they feel is not covered sufficiently in this questionnaire or, generally, in respect of any aspects or areas at committee/board level or within Hollard which they feel could be improved or handled better or more efficiently.

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