Detailed list of Services

Board and Committee Meetings

  • Drafting agenda, attending meeting, recording and preparation of minutes and subsequent action list.
  • Advising on legal and governance requirements.

Corporate Governance Advice

  • King IV Compliance.
  • Companies Act.
  • JSE Listings Requirements.
  • Board and Committee mandates and Charters.
  • Board, committee and individual director evaluations.
  • Independence Assessments.

Integrated Annual Report

  • Review of various sections of the AIR (e.g. directors’ information, corporate governance statement, AGM notice etc) to best practice and updating as required.

Board, Committee and Individual Director Evaluations 

This area is led by William Somerville who has conducted over 40 board evaluations, including leading JSE listed companies.

Our approach is questionnaire and interview based. We use an online platform where directors simply click on the link and submit their completed questionnaires, including comments. A detailed report is presented to the board, including recommendations.

Why choose CorpStat for your board evaluation?

  • Independent and objective.
  • Done by someone very well experienced in board evaluations and understands the nuances – also how to get the message across without causing unintended consequences.
  • Board members have more comfort in the confidentiality and independence of the process.
  • Very thorough due to board members being interviewed.
  • Board members are more open and frank in sharing their views with an external party.
  • Independent assurance is provided.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

  • Assisting with all AGM matters e.g. AGM notice, Chairman’s agenda, attending meeting and drafting minutes.

Execution of Share Transaction Agreements and Corporate Actions

  • Preparation of all resolutions relating to sale agreements.
  • Assistance in finalising conditions precedent to an agreement.
  • Subscription Agreements and issue of share certificates where relevant.

Secretarial Support / CIPC

  • Company statutory audits.
  • Maintenance of statutory records.
  • Filings with CIPC.
  • Changes to directors.
  • Special Resolutions.
  • Changes to share capital, share issues etc.
  • Formation of companies.
  • Filing of Compliance Questionnaires.


  • Trust deeds and amendments.
  • Registration of new trusts.
  • Appointment/resignation of trustee changes.
  • Auditor changes.

Training and Mentoring

  • Director orientation and training.
  • Director duties.
  • King IV compliance.
  • Companies Act, 71 of 2008.
  • The A – Z of board and committee meetings.
  • AGM and GMs under the Companies Act, 2008.
  • Minute Writing.
  • Ensuring the optimal structure of your company secretarial department.
  • CIPC lodgements and related Companies Act compliance.
  • Training one-on-one in the secretarial environment and E-Sec software training.
  • Mentoring and coaching of company secretaries.
  • Stand-in Company Secretary on temporary contract basis – we attend full time in-house.
  • CIPC lodgements and related Companies Act compliance.
  • Training one-on-one in the secretarial environment and E-Sec software training.